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Poetry Take two: Aloneliness
Why do you feel so alone?
Do you want to be alone? Do you like your solitude that much?
Of course not. You like to be around people, you always have fun there. But do you really have fun? Or are you just convincing yourself of it? Are you just distracted from your real emotions by the people around you? Are you hiding your sadness when in the group only to feel it destroy you with loneliness whenever you find yourself alone enough to think about it?
Because how can you be sure of anything when you are with other people?
The only time you can really know yourself is when you are alone, the control of the experiment.
So why do you hate being alone... do you hate yourself?
Do you enjoy the company of others because it distracts you from yourself?
:iconjau682:jau682 0 2
Pollution is A-okay
Take a big whiff, just breathe in the air.
All the smoke and the smog and pollution out there?
It's made of the city, the country, the world
When you cough and choke you smell their lives unfurl.
We're living in a world where pollution causes death,
Your life is getting shorter with every poisoned breath.
But I can't complain, It's a big ordeal!
People have to drive around to earn their next meal.
What do you think? Would we be better off?
Losing transportation just to stop a little cough?
No more cars is gonna save the world?
Maybe it'd help, but life would end up rural.
Try to convince me, come over, implore me.
When you drive right over I'll breathe your life story.
:iconjau682:jau682 1 4
Inspired in Bed
Perhaps, I think, the time has come
for my descent to slumber,
And yet I find my mind has spun
towards crescent moons and thunder.
Times long passed inspire men
to battle or to grief,
If I am fast perhaps, just then,
my soul turns a new leaf.
What now is this, my drunken slurs,
or creative inspiration?
Am I no worse than sunken curs,
deserving of damnation?
Again my thoughts have delved too deep
and caused me to be nervous.
Yet I'll drink my shots and play for keeps,
If I can be of service.
:iconjau682:jau682 0 2
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Vacation ends. and you have to go back to work.
The things you look forward to will come and go.
And when they are are gone, what will you have to show for it?


Monotony rules you and there is nothing you can do to change that.
So change your circumstance.

Don't work, waiting humbly for vacation or days off.
For a few sweet hours, only to be thrust back into the hours and hours of work you have to return to.
It's not worth it.

Don't make temporary bliss your goal, because that's what it really is... temporary. Life must go on.

Make everlasting happiness your goal. The day you want to get out of bed is the day you've made it.
The day you love your life instead of hoping for a new one.
The day you have to deal with things at your own pace.
The day you realize that it's too late for all that...

and the precious retirement money you've saved over so long is only just enough to keep you alive,
and the bills paid,
and if you're lucky, going out to eat a couple times a month.

But that's okay, you see, you're too old now to do anything truly adventurous anymore.
Body brittle.
Mind deteriorating.
Life in beautifully preserved ruins.

A perfectly planned prison.
Created just for you.
By you.

So don't.


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